A Natural Hair Fashionista Emerges

There’s been a change in my personal style since I changed my hair. Three months after the haircut that unleashed my curls and forced me to accept the ‘natural’ me, I came to an understanding of what it meant to really be different. I have finally become comfortable with it. Wait, let me clarify…

I’ve never really cared about how people viewed my fashion or beauty choices, but then again, they were never too off the normal societal rocker. And I’ve always considered myself to be quite different, while it may have primarily manifested in my state of mind, rather than my style. However, I’m moving to a place of comfortability in taking fashion chances armed with the confidence to accept the fact that as much as I may love an eclectic look, someone else hates it equally –  with the same amount of enthusiasm. I’m okay with that now.

So, back to my new style…

My hair is now one of a kind. It has its own pattern, tendencies and quite frankly, its own personality. It’s unusually beautiful … and I love it. Because of this, I’ve been leaning on the avant-garde style side lately. I am inspired by tribal patterns, unusual tailored shapes, statement tees and just about anything that represents the same freedom and uniqueness that I feel my hair does. Animal printed oxfords peek my curiosity as much as Steve Madden ballerina flats used to.

I created this inspiration board to help visualize my personal definition of eclectic and what I can now see myself in:

Animal Print Scarf Natural Hair Fashionista

I’ll admit, it’s quite contrary to the fascination with trends and fashion reinvention that’s had me for the past 5 years or so.  Purple-frosted retro sunglasses, pale pink patent leather pumps, unidentified animal-printed skirts, and striped neon socks are among some of my recent purchases – all of which have nothing to do with “what’s in”. Most of the time when I’m shopping, I imagine my curly hair in the prospective outfit.

“My afro puffs would really make this pop!”, I’ll say to myself in the fitting room.

My hair gives me justification to browse the fashion aisle (or store) less traveled by in search of a truly unique piece that deserves to be worn with nothing less than a full-fledged, fluffy and untamed afro. It’s funny how hair can change your fashion selections and ultimately contribute to a complete wardrobe transformation.  Although we don’t like to say it, hair can really come close to defining who we are. It’s such a major part of our overall look.

Where will I get #curlygirl and #fashion inspiration from, you ask? How will I continue to keep my hair and my style fresh? Simple. CurlBox, The Natural Community, DenimPixie, and Afrobella, just to name a few resources. Take a look at these natural hair fashionistas. Maybe you’ll get inspired to unleash your curls and change your style, too.

Natural Hair Fashionista Leela James

Leela James

Natural Hair Fashionista Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

Natural Hair Fashionista Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae

Natural Hair Fashionista Elle Varner

Elle Varner


How has your hair changed your style lately? Speak your mind in the comments below!

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Amber Nicole Williams is a Washington, DC-based fashion and beauty blogger who delivers weekly insights on everything related to appearance. She is a self-proclaimed "style psychologist" whose goal is to empower women to realize the importance of a positive self image.

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    I plan to share this article with my friends (who are all natural). They love their natural hair. Although I no longer get relaxers I don’t consider myself natural because I get a keratin treatment once or twice a year. Some of my friends consider their transformation to natural a spiritual journey and inner peace. I guess that goes to show that a woman’s hair can indeed be her crowning glory. Live on natural queens!

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